Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Unworldly City!

My mental disconnect came more easily today. I focused solely on connecting to those not of this earth, you can call them aliens if you'd like! :) I asked to speak with the Annunaki, I asked them I had a question. I got no answer and found myself in an empty arboretum that was partial covered. I viewed an empty pond below, all clearly old but deserted. I then asked to speak to the Pleiadians, immediately I felt a rush of inspiration and joy. I asked, with love and light, I would like permission to ask the Pleaidians a question, the question was, "what is the Pleaidians' objective here on Earth?" I was taken gently through a window from the arboretum and immediately flown over a city of color! This place was incredibly amazing. The buildings were of a rich blue, red and yellows to name a few. I saw that the buildings sat on stilts on some kind that forced them to be high off the ground. The buildings were designed like contemporary artwork, beautiful and odd-shaped window frames in front of some homes and along side of buildings. The vehicles "flew" in perfect alignment within the buildings, they too were colorful. My presents there was exhilarating and I let out a huge "Whoa!"
I connected back to body then. I wasn't sure if that was the Pleiadian world I saw or a world that the Pleiadians want for Earth. Very cool and enjoyable OBE!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trying Channeling!

For a while now, I've been wanting to try channeling. I understand that it is vital I use caution and protection in the event negative energies want to attach to me.
As I laid in the bed resting, I began to envoke my vibration in order to separate from mind and body... to astral project. I didn't want to go someplace, I wanted to communicate while I was in this trance or astral realm of mine. My energy floated to the ceiling. I was sitting in a meditation indian style position with index fingers touching my thumb. I remember I stopped at the ceiling hoping I wouldn't seep through the roof. It also occured to me that this felt so real, I wondered if it was my body actually floating up instead.
I communicated through my mind, asking to speak with a higher being. I asked to speak to those who were not from this planet, an alien to be exact. Crazy I know, but why not? I picked up a radio station! This is reoccurs numerous times. I heardthe short converstion between the radio jockey and a caller calling in about something. I asked my question again, to speak to a higher being and pictured outer space and an alien being in my mind. I got some woman ranting in anger anout something. It was annoying and I told her to shut up. I know, not nice, but I was in a hurry. I then got a high pitched nonhuman voice. It wasn't speaking English. Strangely, I felt another spirit entity ttying to help me. It asked the alien being to tell me his name. I didn't see either of these being, just felt and heard them. The alien being told me his name, it was something I knew I couldnt remember as it not simple in any way, but it did start with an M and had many syllables in it, like Memachatylem. It possessed probably some sounds English doesn't have. I didn't like the vibes I was getting from it, and I knew it didn't want to help me or communicate with me. My mind ended the communication and OBE's and I floated back down to my bed. I suppose it was my minds way of 'knowing' it was a bad connection and ended it before any 'damage' was done. I'm still gonna try again soon.

Purple Heavens

I have been lazy in the past, forgeting to post to this site. After several OBE's and after finishing school, I decided to get back on the wagon and continue to post again. I figured no one was reading these, but I decided to turn my experiences into a screenplay. Why not, they're fun and would look great on the big screen right?
A few weeks ago, my mind decided to leave my body. It wasn't up to me I felt. The need to leave was string and it was decided. I move out and up effortlessly. The feeling of bliss swept through me. I did not see anything around me, it was dark but no fear was present, I just waited patiently. I then entered a realm or dimension to possessed a purple galaxy. It was the calmest of all purples and within it emitted beautiful stars. It isn't just the vision I had. This dimension on the other side also offers other senses our human minds do not experience. This place offers us a connection to it, as if it were alive and breathing, that we are apart of its conciousness. Its bliss and beauty were one and I knew that our conciousness lives foever, it has no beginning or no end. I moved to another dimension. I saw and felt a wall I needed to pass through. I vibration was calm almost passing through a fan. I saw the same vision of a purple galaxy ut it was slightly different, the stars were in other positions, as if I entered a different location or posibly another time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flying High

It was a cold and rainy day and I was in need of a nap, my mind was about to turn off. As I laid there all cozy and warm, the mental pulling and ringing began. I lifted up easily, no effort needed on this one.
My intention was going straight up into the heavens and see the stars, but I was pulled into the hallway and quickly into the living room. I saw my daughter on the couch watching TV and wondered if she saw me. I had hoped I wouldn't scare her if she did see me. She looked clueless and I immediately floated out the front door, that's when I focused on the universe and I shot straight up! I was passing up bright galaxies, hundreds at a time. I actually flew past them all and was left in a void. I was a little bummed and thought loudly, "let me see what I need to see." I was brought into the universe but I believe to a new dimension or into the void itself. I found myself floating next to these yellow orb-like objects with prongs sticking out of them. It looked a bit like something you would see through a microscope. It was strange but intriguing. I had no clue as to what they were. Then my dog started to make snoring sounds and that brought me back to home base.
Until next time ...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Place of Light and Love

I can't believe how long its been since my last blog entry. I only log them as they come. I've been on a dry spell that's for sure!
I took a nap this afternoon, I need to do more of that these days. As I laid down, I made sure that I set my alarm clock so I won't oversleep. As the alarm went off, I pressed snooze and snooze runs about every 9 mins or so. This gave me some fire to start an OBE.
I started to feel light and electrical in a way. I repeated, for some reason, "light and love" and then I said "I am out of body." I could feel myself raising a bit from myself and the next thing I know, I am spinning in a dance in this beautiful Greek-like cathedral, with great white detailed pillars bordering the edges. There were no walls, as this was an open building. The gardens and life outside were breathtaking, the sky was bright,but it wasn't too bright to look at. I remember saying to myself that this place was too beautifully perfect, if these people knew where they were going, they would be in line for death in a heart beat.
I decided that I wanted to go see my true love, but that thought only made me come crashing to the ground and melting within it. The OBE was over right away after that. I hope I'll go visit this place soon, via OBE of course.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Into a Galaxy

I left quickly out of my body this morning. I found myself in a field with swampy green grass. A man stood there watching me, I'm not sure who he was or what he wanted and I really didn't care. I left in a hurry, diving into the wet grass and found myself in space, staring and mezmerized by the beautiful stars.
I was trying to focus on a particular person at the time, repeating his name and focusing on his face in my mind. But instead, I crept closer and closer into the stars. I felt an urg to travel to one star in particular, so I made the mental/spritual connection and forced myself closer to it.
You can say I probably looked like a supersonic jet with light speed capability :-) This star was no star, it was a galaxy! I moved closer to it, faster than I thought I could go. The millions of stars within came into view and I flew into this bright light. In the heavens it looks like just a small star, but inside it was brighter than a thousand watt bulb, lol.
I found myself in a structure of some kind, I suppose I came to another place in this far away galaxy. There were rooms and people! I saw one man, and he started to run away the moment he saw me. Well, of course, I ran after him. I'm not sure why I would run after him though. I tried to pull my way closer to him by attaching my energy to his and pulling us closer together. It would be sort of shooting a string of web onto another web and pulling, the other web will stretch closer to you when pulled.
Well he got away and I believe my time in the astral world was over, off to my body I went! Until next time...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tuning Into The Radio!

This was an interesting morning. I started my fast today and I decided to take a nap on the coach at noon. When I woke up I was laying inside the soft covers, staying warm (you know the feeling). To my pleasant surprise I began to listen to beautiful music which sounded as if it was coming from the back of my head. It was a soloist playing the cello, I was loving it. I heard every note and could feel its vibration. The music ended and...it went to commercial! I believe I was listening to a radio station. The commercial was a car dealership or similar. I heard the mans every word, I even threw out some words out loud that I heard myself saying, so I would remember them. They said the number was 1-800-CAR-AUTO, and press /show/for the car show times.
I remembered to "surrender", and I began to cover this connection with my self or my energy. I began to move my astral body behind myself and away from my physical body.
I was now in the air flying like an eagle. I told myself to 'go see' what I need for the my betterment. I passed by an ancient ruin with white-washed lion-like sculptures outside. I then proceeded to the sea, where I plunged into it and saw the sea life, the details were brilliant and I was left in awe staring at its beauty.
I settled to the bottom of the ocean, unable to move, staring at a blow fish!

When I got up. I went to the phone and dialed that number I heard. It is the number to American Auto. I should of asked the lady some questions, like do you have commercials on an instrumental radio program? And can we dial 'show' for car show times? :-)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Entering The Grids

A couple of weeks ago, I went OBE. I entered what appeared to be gridline cubicals, above and below, pretty much everywhere. I randomly chose an area to explore in and dove into it. I ended up in a small energy lit grid cubical, and inside was a blond woman staring at me. She seemed to be lost and looked a little desperate in her expression. She then went to say, "He said you would take care of me." and moved toward me. I instantly use my energy from my solar plexus and calmly pushed her back. I could even see the energy surge from within me shoot out.
I felt sorry for this soul, she seemed so lost and in need of help. I didn't know how to help and left before anything negative could happen.